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How is your business really doing?

Your business might have all the trappings of success and provide you a great income...

But is it valuable as a business? Can it run without you? Is it "sellable"? Do you feel overworked and overwhelmed?

My goal is to help you build a best-in-class business that creates the impact and lifestyle you dream of and is attractive to a 3rd party buyer who will pay top dollar when you decide to Exit.

3 Core Concepts For Creating a Valuable Business

3 Gaps

There are 3 Gaps that Business Owners need to be aware of (from EPI):

* Personal Wealth Gap: The Gap between your current investable assets and what you need to fund your future dreams.

* Business Profit Gap: The Gap between the % of revenue you keep as profit vs. what a best-in-class business keeps.

* Business Valuation Gap: The Gap between your business' current valuation and the valuation you'd get if you were best-in-class.

What about the 80%?

For most Business Owners, the value of the business makes up more than 80% of their total net worth.

Financial Advisors and Business Owners sweat over the returns of their investment portfolio, yet often completely ignore building the value of the business. 

What if the Portfolio has amazing, way above market returns, but building the value of the business is left to chance.

Would you consider it a success if the investment portfolio flourished but the business only sold for a fraction of the value it could have sold for? 

Join the 5% Club!

When it comes to selling a business, the statistic are staggering!

Consider these few:

* Of all businesses marketed to sell, only 20% actually sell. That means 80% DON'T sell!

* In a survey of Business Owners who were able to sell, 75% deeply regretted it a year later. And the regret was more centered on their not being prepared for life after the business.

* So for every 20 business owners who list their business for sale, 4 will actually sell and 1 owner (out of 20) will sell and won't regret it!

What is Build to Exit...even if you never plan to sell?

When you hear the work "Exit" you probably immediately think of when a business owner sells their business. But there are actually two types of Exits:

1. Ownership - this is the type of Exit we normally think of

2. Operations - this is when you retain ownership but are able to step away from the business for an extended period of time and it not impact the operation of the business.

The same things we do to improve your ability to sell the business for Top valuation and multiple; also prepare the business to continue to operate at an optimal level even if you are not involved. 

That's why every business owner should Build to Exit...even if they don't plan to sell.

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About Me.

After coaching High School and Division 1 college athletes followed by nearly 2 decades as a 401(k) and insurance guy, I added Value Building as a major offering. 


I help Business Owners consciously create transferrable value in their business - to build a business that creates the impact and lifestyle you dream of and a business that is "sellable" at the highest possible multiple and valuation when you decide to Exit.

With the disruption of the Pandemic, I created the  "Reboot" program to help businesses get quick results. Whether your business came out stronger, or just barely hung on, as things reopen, your business will face a whole new set of opportunities and challenges.

As an CEPA and EPIC Advisor, I am a member of a large contingent of professionals dedicated to helping Business Owners create Value and execute successful Exits.